Tina Bate UK

Fantastic! Will add a link to our site:

The Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society www.facebook.com/peter.wyngarde


Gregory Rihn

Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Awards 2014 Greetings! As Literary and Games Editor for the Steampunk Chronicle, it is my pleasure to formally advise you that you have been nominated for a 2014 Readers Choice Award. Category: Best Graphic Novel


Although it has been a while since I was last a visitor, I see all is well and wish you the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ian!

Bruce Cherney

Manitowoc, Wisconsin


Wow..this is an impressive website Great job! LOVE the Avengers, especially Emma. Cheers and Merry Christmas from a Brit now in the US!


Ellicott City, MD


Mark Toner

Just directed to your wonderful site by John Freeman. This is the real deal - Steed and Mrs Peel just as I remember them. A wonderful work of love.



John Shostrom

Hong Kong

Top mark!

Absolutely stunning artwork and story lines in keeping with the old series. Thank you for publishing them.

Gerald Marsh

South Wales

As I read, I could hear the voices of Steed and Mrs. Peel speaking their lines. What a wonderful experience! Thank you.


Texas, USA


Marvellous stuff - thanks



Long Live Emma

Janice Birks


I have been an Avengers Fan since I was 5 years old...32 years later I am an even Bigger fan..I have soo much memorbilia..and alot of the comics..and when I came across your site I was BLOWN AWAY!! FANTASTIC ART, and more importantly FANTASTIC STORY TELLING

Brian Urso

Pittsburgh Pa.

Hi Ian, finally found the card with this addy on. I am lost for words with your avengers strip! Always knew you could do it, fabulous work, keep it up. love Den x

Denise Johnson

I feel like I just sat through a season of the Avengers on DVD ... only better cause I didnt know all the lines. Im bookmarking this site ... love it.

The Wild Wild West of the US

Wonderful achievment Ian, it is an absolute pleasure to re-enter Avengerland via your truly impressive work.


Awesome reminds me of Storm ...more comics please, more Cathy and Emma too


Wonderful Christmas story, Ian! I particularly loved Steed and Emmas musings about the possible acronyms for STAN. Great fun. Cant wait to see what else you have in store for us in the New Year!

Timeless A-Peel
The California of Canada

Yet again, this always blows me away. You can tell you put 110% in everything you do.


Merry Christmas, Ian! Loving the mistletoe...

Bristol, UK

A look alike on TV brought back a search into my past and a discovery of your website. Thank you for a fantastic trip through once again emerging weekly bouts of discovery, panic and relief. Great artwork, Great dialogue, Great Site, Dont Stop...Thanks Again.


Castor, Alberta, Canada


Another wonderful Christmas treat and I cant wait to read the rest of this years serial. This is such a pleasure to read and visually so fantastic-it makes my day.Thank you so much!

The border of England and Wales

Superb job. Its as if the show were being done now, with the old sensibility but new effects. The dialogue is almost better than the art - right in keeping. How about The Surfies of H20? (rain machine is back, but is generating something else in addition)

L.A., U.S.

What a fantastic place to spend a few minutes in pure fantasy. A brilliant brilliant website. Thanks for your marvelous work. respect James

James McV

Like so many others I nurtured a crush on Diana Rigg(Emma Peel) with the exposure to my first episode of THE AVENGERS...I was incensed that I could only view the shows but once a week, and I did everything in my power to make the seven days speed by...


I cannot find words enough to express my admiration of your work! As a former commercial artist, your technique and skills are impressive. Your blending of past images in new forms is fabulous. May I ask, then, have you ever considered creating a smilar s

London, Ontario

I grew up with the orginal series and all i can say about the strip is BIGGER and BETTER - Wow. They really should have asked you to design and direct the dire movie version

United Kingdom

After a day of hard work (working on Sunday...) I got some Sisterhood to relax. Thanks for the free work.

Peter Motte
Geraardsbergen (België)

I wish I could watch Emma Peel·s amd John Steed·s advemtures om TV once more.



Ian, Lady Emmeline and the new Steed look TERRIFIC! What new technique are you using to draw this strip? Buffo! Well Done! Good Show!!! Cheers! Happy Chrsitmas (a bit late), and a Happy New Year!

Be Seeing you... Johnny O

Johnny O

Steed and Emma--or their distant relatives--back in the Napoleonic Era! What a fantastic idea. I cant wait to see how this turns out. Great illustrations as always, Ian.

The Butler
Oregon, USA

I have always been amazed by your talent Ian - someone who makes the characters you create look like the real thing! Thanks - I do spread the word when ever I can about your work!

Brixton Hill, London

estupenda serie,grandes recuerdos¡Gracias

buenos aires argentina

I love the avengers. I think EMMA PEEL the most beautiful woman in the world. My favourite part The Joker. I LOVE THIS SERIAL ALL MY LIFE. Now Im 26 year old.


I love this. Keeping the Avengers alive and fresh, while adding your own quirks and deepening the world of the Avengers. It gives me the same thrill as a new episode of the series did on first viewing. Keep going!

North Yorkshire

Great!! Love the Avengers. Your Style is very good, the girls are sexy. Fantastic.


Incredible idea, really amazing stuff about my favorite tv show.


love your artwork i am a big fan of the avengers. keep up the good work. Bdetu@aol.com

united states

I should like to offer my assistance in helping you write your stories, sir, for I do enjoy them and I love the Avengers. What do you have to say?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Woohoo! I see youve given us a bit more of Legacy Unbound! Thats still Gambit in that chopper, isnt it? Looks like hes in trouble... I do love these stories. Any time you add to them its always a delight.


I loved your web site. I would love to see the Cards with all the Avengers in High Resolution. They are the most beautiful set I've ever seen. Its a crime that they are so small.

Alexandria Virginia, USA

Fantastic site. No words can express the great sensation your strips give me! Thank you!

Imola (Italy)

Great work. I think you must have done some professional art work, but I cant easily find a trace of it.


Ian thanks for bringing Gambit into the storyline.You capture his likeness dead on. Cheers mate, may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year;-)


Continually entertaining. Congratulations on your citation by SFX magazine. An enjoyable site, and a nice slice of Avengerland action along with the always impressive images.

Location: UK

Woaww !!! Amazing ! I love your work ! Thanks to you. Take care

Location: France

Love it, the art work and the writing, can almost hear them as they were in the t.v. Show. Great work. Looking forward to more of them.


Magnifique, extraordinaire, Wonderful. The best avengers comics strip. Bravo!!


Fantastic, love the way you merge characters from different age. I'm am now a massive fan, look forward to the next issue

Location: leeds england

Ive been an Avengers fan since I was a kid in the sixties, its great to see more stories on line using the original charactors. The artwork is superb and the plots very good, you should do a fan art gallery, where fans can send in Avengers artwork. Anywa

Gloucestershire, UK

You are doing brill. Please keep up the good work and dont give up.

super fan

You do a bang up job on presentation, quality and story.Out of curiosity any surviving cast members from the original series seen your work and when will you be putting up a forum page ?

P.S Can you help Paul Holder in getting Th

Ontario Canada

Legacy Unbound looks as if it will be your best story yet. I am amazed at your grasp of visual storytelling, and your boundless creativity!

Tom Vellios NY, USA

Dear Mr. Duerden; your work is the most impressive thing that I have seen in the net!

Fabian; from Berazategui, Argentina

Ian, are you sure you're not Alan Rickman!

Hey I have'nt visited in a while, sure things have changed but your site is still great.

Hi, Ian! Ive been here before, but I just wanted to reaffirm my complete awe and amazement at the fantastic job you do on these fun AVENGERS stories! Continue the great work, and please consider issuing a collection of your stories in print... Ill buy 5 copies

Cest magnifique, ca - Ian you have created a whole new chapter to add to the Avengers canon, and your art is spot on for atmosphere and accuracy.

Piers, Australia

Love the stories and art.Any chance of bringing Gambit into the stories?

Steve From :Canada

 Ian your work NEEDs to be in print. I would like you to make your work in 3d Animation, like the new Captian Scarlet.

Dave in Newcastle upon Tyne

Quite quite fantastic! Every update is a gem!

Chris Wray

Oh, great site by the way. Youve come a long way since the Computers in the Army display!!!!!

David Melbourne Australia

Absolutely astounding work, Ian! Great likenesses
and imagination! If you'd ever consider collecting the stories in book form, I'll buy 3 copies
Great job!

Bill Thinnes

Just viewed the Christmas Rose, and again the artwork was suberb. You have the ability to capture not only detail but atmosphere. I also liked the layout of Emmas penthouse flat. Have a great year!

BC, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. USA.

Very amusing and well executed!

C.R.Arnold U.S.of A.

Nice Site. Fan Since 1966.

Jeff Carney, Omaha, Nebraska. USA

Absolutely stunning artwork & cracking good reads, all! Cant wait to finish reading the ones in production. Happy Christmas


Dear Ian, I just saw the opening of Christmas Rose and Emma is TERRIFIC!!! God, she looks exactly like Dame Diana Rigg did back then! FANTASTIC! Keep up the GREAT work!

Johnny O. USA

Tis The Season! Another Christmas Story is in the works... The site looks great... All is bright.

Tom Vellios, NY, NY

Your drawings are wonderful!!! Please do something that features the WINGED AVENGER...our cats think hes the best!! (eurrrrp!) Best wishes,

Dave & Jean:Germany

 Excelente trabajo !!!!!!!!!!!! soy un avenger fan de Argentina, felicitaciones, gran trabajo

You dont need me to tell you that your artwork is beauiful and i love visiting and seeing your labours of love. Thanks.


Yes! Please get this published in HARD COPY! Your work is beautiful.


I too am an illustrator and can appreciate the phenomenal amount of time youve given here for free! Superb work, worthy of print. Cant wait for the next story.

R. Fitzsimmonds UK.

I am looking foward to the new story Legacy Unbound, and of course Tara King. Keep up the great (art)work!

Tom Vellios aka Mr.Lovejoy--NYC, USA

Wow, outstanding! I had long hoped to see another Avengers comic, but who knew it was waiting online for me to find it?

I think this is excellent.Way cool. The best illustrated Avengers yet. Thank you for providing it to the hungry masses.Keep up the good work.Is Tara King on her way?

Awesome work! The Avengers live on in your art. Thank you. :)

Ian, you have a lovely site and I'm so pleased you joined our family.


The artwork is fantastic, really captures the feel of the pop sixties. The Avengers never looked better!


Simply breathtaking. Fantastic and surprising storylines. Cant wait to receive the next pages...

Beautiful and a delight to read. Many thanks to you for creating and sharing such a treasure!

Andy Smith, California, USA

A wonderful site that I have visited often. Breathtaking artwork with very imaginative layouts. Keep plugging, Ian... Avengers fans need you.

Mr. Lovejoy, New York, USA

Thank you for your fascinating work ! Youre very talented ! Keep entertainign us this way!

Steed3003, France

Amazing, truly amazing.

Dear Ian, Your Illustration Strip is simply FANTASTIC!!!! Much better than any of the comics way back then - be it 1965 or circa 1990. Keep up the great work. Im really enjoying it. Love the in jokes. My Very Best Regards,

Johnny O.

Fantastic work. Really captures and yet updates the spirit of the series. Cheers!


What a fascinating site! Most enjoyable -- I hope to more thoroughly explore it in future. A great feast for a longtime Avengers fan.

A treat for the eyes and a story that keeps one coming back for more. Beautifully done, Mr Duerden. Thank you for putting this online so we can enjoy.

Touse (Belgium)-- PS. Youve been bookmarked, Mr Duerden!

this is fantastic! Please get it published in hard copy! Get posters made! Please!

Andrew Sneddon muswell73@hotmail.com



Ian - this is exquisite stuff. You have captured the Avengers feel, atmosphere and personalities beautifully,

Geoff Barlow

Hi Ian, fantastic work, as always! I look forward to seeing more strips in the future, you ought to publish them in hard copy too. I notice your Mrs Peel is a bit more voluptuous than the original, but that fits the comic feel...

This is great art & story work. Please do keep it up, its a pleasure to see how well you handle our heros Steed and Peel. I must add that it is also the first time I have seen art of them which is so correct of the actors - THANKYOU.

Good stuff, Ian -- no, make that great stuff! Very impressive indeed. Please keep up the excellent work.

John Peters

Wow, VERY impressed with this site....Does anybody know that Ian Hendry featured on the British (ITV) TV program THIS IS YOUR LIFE in 1984. Patrick McNee also featured on it and I got a copy of the Video from Ians daughter.

Liam, Ireland

Beautiful! Ive never seen an Avengers comic book that comes close to this, online or off. You are so talented, and thank you for directing those talents to our favorites, The Avengers. My favorite so far is the room where Steeds held prisoner.

Just found out from Patty Pats library about your Avengers story. Visually stunning... what a treat! I could not get past page 8 but I will try again! Thanks for sharing this.

- an Avengers fan from Montreal (Canada)

Fantastic artwork and a great story

- Bex

All I can say is WOW! Your art is beautiful and the story is ingenious. Please dont leave us hanging for the next few pages too long.

Mia McCroskey

 Ian, this is an AMAZING artwork! We can recognize some episode sets and all the characters, the story plot is great, too! And the graphics, looking like a mix of pastel painting and CGI, is just awsome! You need to find a publisher!! I cant wait for more.

You are a genius! I dont like people messing about about with The Avengers - fanfic and all. But! I have changed my mind. Get these into production - theyll sell like hotcakes. Just superb and all the other superlatives too!

Barry Rigg

 Ian, this is spectacular work. Not only is the artwork an absolute treat, but the imagination and inventivness is extraordinary. Im transported back to being nine years old and reading Joe 90 comic all over again. The Avengers are very lucky to have you as a fan.


Wow! Your artwork is so realistic it looks like a collection of photos. Very well done!

Cassandra Elise

Nice work! Great to see em back in action!

Will Ryan

Ian, This is fabulous artwork - an Avengers masterpiece. More please!

Geoff Barlow

Excellent artwork, Ian! Looking forward to the rest of the story! Keep up the great work!

Best, Bill Thinnes